Hold Order:

The maximum hold period for RC-enabled accounts is ten business days. The maximum hold period for Non-RC Enabled Accounts is 20 business days. Upon the maximum hold period expiry, per the General Terms and Conditions, the items on order will be released to inventory. The order is considered forced closed.

HPD considers the Hold Order privilege abused with the third forced closed occurrence per 12-month period. The loss of Hold Order privileges includes the loss of Backorder privileges. Hold Order privileges may be re-instated at the account review date at the discretion of HPD.

Preferred Carrier:

An Account may name any carrier listed by HPD as their preferred carrier. Accounts may also exclude certain carriers from being used. Since total Shipping Discounts only apply to the cheapest carrier, the variance between the cheapest and the preferred carrier will be charged to the account. No additional fees will be charged if the variance is below CAD $5.00. If the variance exceeds a default stopgap amount of CAD $50.00, HPD will not ship with the preferred carrier. Instead, HPD will contact the account, which may delay the order's shipment but will allow the Account to reassess its carrier choice. The Account may set their individual stopgap amount by emailing their account manager. Dangerous goods shipments may supersede account preferences due to carrier limitations.


The warranty policy covers manufacturer defects. User abuse, modifications, and/or installation errors will void the warranty. Warranty claims may only be approved if the defective product was purchased through HPD. Shipping damages are not considered warranty issues. The warranty coverage period starts on the day the end user buys the product with the Account. Warranty claim submissions must include the end user purchase date at the Accounts store (physical or online store location) and visual media to prove the defect. A voltage reading must accompany all battery warranty claims.

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